How the toys saved Christmas

Do you want to know How the toys saved Christmas? Christmas, an occasion widely celebrated by people of all ages: Getting gifts, either useful or not, on such a big day makes you so happy and you think that getting something is better than nothing. Many stores and marts out there try their best to provide you significant discounts on this day. Exchanging gifts is a tradition, and everyone looks for the best thing to present.

There were several toy stores out of which Toy R Us was the first to introduce various toys, games, and other gift cards. It gathered a lot of markets in its early period, but with the increase in the competitors, it started losing its position.

People used to buy from physical stores instead of buying products online in the first place. But with time, people found it easier to order and get things at their doorstep. For this purpose, Toy R Us started online shipping of the gifts, which turned out to be a colossal disaster.

Orders were delivered at the wrong places, and there was no proper refunding system too. The year  ​1999 turned out​ to be a disaster for people as well as the company itself. The company formed a site to make shopping easy for people, but the whole idea ruined everyone’s Christmas. Several orders did not arrive on Christmas and instead arrived in January of the next year. The store was determined not to let down the people in the coming season, so it took a turn and adopted a different approach this time.

Amazon: A lifesaver

A multinational company evolved in ​1995 helped​ its customers buy things with modern technology, i.e., the internet. Amazon has started its sales from published material like books, discs, video cassettes, etc. it gained market slowly because people didn’t trust online shopping. After all, it was a new thing. Amazon provided an electronic forefront for the retailers. After the set back to Toy R Us in 1999, Amazon signed a ten-year agreement with the retailer to sell its products on its site. This helped Amazon to grow and prosper in the full boost from the end of the year 2001.

On the other hand, there was a robust in sales of Toy R Us store because the gifts were delivered on time with no complaints. People were happy and satisfied with the delivery as well as the products. After the disastrous Christmas of 1999, with the help of Amazon, Toys R Us saved Christmas. So, both Amazon, as well as the R Us, prospered.

At that time, Wall-mart was the topmost toy retailer in the market, but Amazon R Us was the top retailer in the online market. This benefiting agreement came to an end when Amazon started kicking deals with other toy retailers too. Although R Us had helped Amazon boost its sales up to $100 million, the deal came to an end.

Toy R Us’s crises and Christmas:

Its competitors struck r Us a hard blow in the market. Due to its privatization by its owners, it was led to bankruptcy. At that time, there was a battle going on in the market among the retailers, who wanted to attain the whole market. It was the season’s time, and all the companies were busy making the best toys for the event. But, Toys R Us, instead of making toys for the upcoming season, diverted its attention towards filing for bankruptcy.

This gave way to the retailers who were in desperate need of gaining markets. The R Us should have worked for the upcoming season instead of filing cases, but it took a wrong decision that ruined its whole image in the market. People thought that their Christmas would be spoiled entirely because there were no toys produced by R Us. But Amazon, Walmart, etc., came into the spotlight, and their toys saved Christmas.

Not only did these toys save Christmas, but they also benefited the retailers. The sale rate was too high; it nearly crossed $15 billion. It was difficult for R Us to stand and wait for its destruction, so it filed a case in which it mentioned that these retailers had intentionally settled the rate too low.

They were selling the same products on sale rates(approx. 30-40% off) because of which the people were not purchasing the products of R Us. So the people had to look for other toy retailers when they could not get new products from R Us to save Christmas.

How the toys saved Christmas

Excel and Toy R Us:

After breaking up with Amazon, R Us returned to its older domain( and sought help from Excel. In the beginning, it was challenging to manage because only 90 were left for the season. Managing everything was difficult, but Excel took charge and helped R Us create a proper channel for delivering products. Toy R Us headquarters is located in New Jersey.

Still, the company had selected Columbus as its main distributing area because it was easy to target a large population from that area. It was 2009 when the deal with Amazon ended, so trucks with tons of stuff came from Amazon.

R Us had to open a temporary site until the work on the leading site was completed because only three months were left for the season. Excel, after all this difficulty, was able to bring all the products back from Amazon, and so the products were distributed to their exact locations, and once again, R Us was able to save Christmas with its toys.

Christmas is all about getting gifts and celebrations. In this celebration, the toy retailers play an essential role because they greet one another with their toys. Retailers like Toy R Us had played its vital role at that time by producing its Christmas saving toys.

The store had faced a severe setback after the invention of new toys by other retailers, but its toys had been a significant source of pleasure for children of all time. So, it would not be wrong to say that the toys from all the stores, either R Us or Walmart or any other, had saved Christmas every year.

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