How to Play Carrom Board?

Before we discuss in detail how to play carrom board, let us know that what is carrom board? Carrom board is a game mostly played in South Asia as well as in the Middle East. However, the origin of this game links back to India.

The equipment required generally for this game generally includes a carrom board, carrom men, strikers, the queen, and powder. You need to have these things if you want to play the carrom board game.


Strikers are the pieces with the help of which you push the other parts of this game like carrom queen and carrom men. Each player pushes the striker at his turn.

Carrom men:

Carrom men are the disks made up of wood or plastic. In accordance with the rules of ICF, the diameter of the carrom men can not exceed the limit and must be between 3.02cm and 3.19cm.

Similarly, the thickness of these pieces must also be between 7-9 mm. These pieces known as carrom men are designed in a shape that they slide easily and smoothly over the carrom board when the striker strikes them.

The total number of these pieces is 19 and these pieces are in three different colors.

The queen:

The most important character of this game is the queen. While playing this game, if a player pots the queen, then three points are added to his total score.

Carrom powder:

A powder which is known as boric acid is used in this game. This powder is well grained is placed on the carrom board in order to make the movement of characters of the game at the surface of the carrom board.

How to Play carrom board?

The main thing you need to do in this game is to pot all of your carrom men along with the queen using any of the four pockets of carrom board before your opponent players. You have to do this using the striker.

Some rules and regulations:

Some of the carrom board arrow rules you need to follow while playing this game are given below.

The opponents sit next to each other. While on the other hand partners sit opposite each other in case you are playing a double game. While in a single game the players have to sit simply opposite each other.

The game is started with a toss. A referee hides one of the carrom men in his hands. And the player telling correct the color of that piece has to start and plays first shot.

The winner of the toss has two choices. Either he himself plays the shot or he can also shift the first turn to his opponent.

Before starting a game, the carrom men are needed to be placed in an alternate as well as circular manner. The center point of the circle must be the red-colored character named queen.

Overview of the gameplay:

The person who won the toss starts potting the carrom men of his color. If he pots a carrom man in any one of the four pockets, he gets another turn for the next shot.

One thing necessary to mention here is that while positioning and striking keep in mind that the striker must not touch the imaginary line drawn at the carrom board.

In case the player misses the shot and he is unable to pot the carrom men, the turn is shifted towards the next player. The opponent player tries to pot his carrom men.

And this procedure continues until one of the player’s pots all of his carrom men. And the one who pots his carrom men first is the winner of the game.

Pocketing every carrom men gives one point except the queen which gives three points to the player who pockets it. A player can pocket the queen only when he has pocketed at least one of his carrom men. Furthermore, the queen needs to be covered while pocketing other carrom men.

The game ends when one of the players pockets all of his carrom men and the queen. The sum of the total number of opponent’s carrom men and three scores of the queen is equal to the total score of the winner of the game.

If a player pots the queen along with the striker in one strike, then two carrom men along with the queen are placed back into the circle. Similar is the case when a player pots the queen along with the opponent’s carrom men.

In case there are only one of the carrom men for each of the players. And a player pockets the queen along with the opponent’s carrom men, then the opponent wins with the score equivalent to the number of carrom men left behind on the carrom board.

How to count the scores:

In carrom, each game carries twenty-five points. The player getting first these 25 points is declared as the winner.

Ten seconds are given to each of the players and the max eight boards can be played covering twenty-five minutes. If the game left unfinished, then the player having the highest points will be declared as the winner.


If you are unfamiliar with the carrom board game and you want to know how to play carrom board, you can take guidance from the step by step procedure given above. After practicing a few days, you will be able to play carrom without fear.

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