How to Train Your Dragon 3 Toys

Do you want to know How to Train Your Dragon 3 Toys? Bring on the dragons and dragon riders! The Hidden World is now available in the bucket of dragons. Now you are thinking that what you will find inside? There is a colorful cat of 25 dragon and Viking characters including toothless, Meatlug, Astrid, Barf, and many more. These characters can stand alone so. You can set up pretend battle or dragon racing scenes. For more adventures, they can fit in your palm. When you are finished with your playing then put them back into the reusable bucket.  They can easily be cleaned. They are a great source of imaginary play for kids.


The reusable bucket contains 25 colorful dragon and Viking characters. All the figures and characters can stand in your palm or pocket. You can bring them with you wherever you go. These dragons are 2 inches tall. A bucket also contains blue and black night furies. These dragons are just like army men with which your kids can play a pretend battle.

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Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Cranky the crane:

This beautiful and strong cranky crane can handle the load of lobster crate and barrel of a laugh. This load is not too much for Cranky. Using this Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Cranky the crane playset, you can handle any type of cargo. Kids can easily handle the crate by turning one dial. This will lower the crane’s hook and handle the cargo easily. Similarly, one dial is turned to land the cargo. This makes the lifting, loading, and then delivering the cargo more adventurous for your kid.


  1. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Cranky the crane, 2 cargo crates to be lifted, and a truck for loading
  2. Kids can turn on the dials on Cranky’s head and base that will lift the hook and spin him around and around.
  3. Truck attaches to any Train Master Train engine.
  4. Great gift for preschool children of 3 years age or above.

Up, down, lift, and load:

These features can be done by Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Cranky the crane very easily. Everything can be done by turning a dial that will lower the hooks, pick up the crate, and then spin the cranky around to load cargo on the truck. This will roll out the truck on the next engine.

Expand the railway play:

Train and track set sold separately. This Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Cranky the crane set can easily be connected to a train set to expand the railway path. This could be more adventurous for kids at home.

All abroad for adventure:

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends toys let your kids use their favorite characters from the show to live out their railway adventure. They can enjoy the teamwork theme. Moreover, it will be a perfect opportunity for them to practice the train whistle.


Thomas Train from Fischer-Price is an adventurous toy for your kid. Clear the track as the train is pulling into the station. Kids can enjoy new adventures with this beautiful blue engine train. It has 3 modes of playing.

  1. Music time having songs
  2. Game time with interactive games
  3. Storytime with a variety of new stories.

In the storytime wheel coupling rod move like a real train. The front lamp will be on and face will be light up and the eyes will be moving. It requires 4AA batteries.

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This amazing Thomas Train engine provided with lights, music, character phrases, and controlled play.

3 modes of plying are offered, including music, games, and storytelling mode with 250+ story combinations for kids to select one of their choices.

Lights are of red and green color to entertain the kids.

Some features like working headlights, coupling rod and wheels, light-up red cheeks, and moving wyes make it a more realistic Thomas train.

It can be a great gift for preschool young conductors of age 2 years or above.

3 modes of playing:


It offers 250 + story combinations. So, kids can select how the story goes with these combinations.

Music time:

Fun songs will get your kids up and move. This is very useful in enhancing their physical movement.

Steam cloud handle:

It will help your kids to move the Thomas engine anywhere they want.

Dreamwork Dragon:

Lightfury dragon figure with moving part, appropriate for the kids aged 4 and up.


Fly into the battle and relive the adventure. Lightfury can stand on its own and it is posing with a moving head, legs, and wings. You can create a magical flight journey.  The adventure is up to you. You can select the dragon character of your choice from the movie and then select from the DreamWorks Dragon figures. You can grow your dragon collection and gift them to your friends as well.


These characters are moveable. They have a moving head, wings legs. So, you can pose them for battle, race, or flight journey.

You can add the characters in your collection as these characters come in the movie. In this way, you will have a great collection and you can have collectible for how to train dragon fans.

You can create imaginary and fantasy-based scenes and battles. This will promote your fantasy world.

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