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Laptops, fresh food, a pair of socks or even a car, it seems that you can find just about anything on Littleplayz. Product diversity is one of the many advantages of shopping at the e-commerce giant, but it can also become one of the frustrations. With so many options to choose from, you can spend far too much time searching the site for what you want, or end up in a black hole to find something you absolutely didn’t need in the first place.

In a sea of choice that almost everyone has access to, you might not think of Littleplayz as a place to find truly unique gifts. But if you’re willing to do some research (that’s why we’re here), you may find some pretty cool things. Littleplayz offers handcrafted and locally made products from small businesses all over the country. Littleplayz even has gift lists and ideas for different hobbies, styles and more.

Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

A nice reusable bag

Whether it is used to carry groceries or any kind of knick-knacks, everyone needs a good reusable bag. We love the original Baggu. It can hold up to 15 kilos of items, but it can also be folded to fit in your pocket. It’s also available in a multitude of fun colors and patterns.

Speks Magnetic Toy

Magnets that entertain adults

The turnstile had its moment, and now it’s Speks’ turn. This set of over 500 magnets can be crushed, rolled and molded into different shapes. It’s a productive toy that even adults will enjoy playing with. You will find a game on almost all of our desktops under “Insider Reviews”.

WeRateDogs 2021 Calendar

A calendar for the dog lover

If you ask us, there is really nothing better than 365 days of dogs. The calendar comes from the same brain as the popular WeRateDogs Twitter account, and don’t worry, every dog gets a score of at least 11/10.

Round A’round Cactus Room Scents

A diffuser disguised as a house plant

A cactus is a fun way to add color to your desk or counter, but if you’re not ready to be a plant parent, go for it instead. It’s actually a diffuser – it will fill your room with a pleasant floral scent – but it looks like a pretty potted plant.

Tabasco Hot Sauce Keychain

A stocking for lovers of hot sauce

They will never have to endure a tasteless meal again. This mini bottle of Tabasco sauce comes with a keychain for the spice that goes everywhere they go.

Drink Coaster Set

A set of modern and geometrical coasters

Although coasters are a fairly basic household accessory, there are many ways to make them more fun, such as this unique set made of geometric designs. If the tops are colored, the sides are made of transparent acrylic, which creates a prism effect when sunlight passes through.

Dash Mini Rice Cooker

A retro rice cooker

This little gadget not only allows you to cook rice, but also to make stew, oatmeal, soup, pasta, vegetables and much more. The style and colorful enamel coating adds a retro look to their kitchen.

Silicone Phone Holder

A cute and practical phone holder

This is not only a piece of scenery, It can actually hold your phone. It comes in over ten colors, so you can find one in your favorite color.

Fred & Friends Little Big USB Fan

A small fan to cope with unpredictable office temperatures

Office residents know how unpredictable temperatures can be. To save them when their office (or home) goes from a cooler to a desert, give them this small portable fan. It’s small, mobile and plugs into any USB port for a quick, cold breeze.

Norgail Pet Teepee

A mini tent in the shape of a tepee to pamper their pet

They love their furry friend more than anything, so give them a gift that shows you know it. This dog bed is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure their precious pet will appreciate having its own fort.

Bunny Bluetooth Speaker

A rabbit-shaped speaker with good sound

This compact Bluetooth speaker may not be the best, but it’s definitely the cutest. Shaped like a little bunny with floppy ears, it lets you enjoy your music and a fun decor.

GOT “Dinner is Coming”

A punk apron that reminds them of their favorite show

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who loves “Game of Thrones”, is always cooking and has a great sense of humor – we think we have found it.

Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Bath Soak

Relaxing bath salts

Everyone deserves a little relaxation, that’s why this soothing bath is such a great gift. It contains dehydrated coconut milk, vanilla and Himalayan coconut CO2 extract, which together help to soothe the skin and calm the mind.

Homesick Scented Candle

A candle that smells like home

One of our editors stated that “candles are the most classic gift of all time”. We agree, and while the choice is vast, we love the sentimentality and personalization that Homesick candles offer. They have candles made to smell like every one of the 50 states, many cities, and even experiences like watching Friday night soccer or taking a road trip. No matter where they feel at home, one of these candles is sure to bring a touch of nostalgia.


An insulated pint of glass that keeps your beer cool

If they like their drinks iced, they will appreciate this well thought-out bottle holder. It can hold 12-ounce cans, 16-ounce cans, or be used as a pint glass containing 16 fluid ounces, so it really is a three-in-one gadget. When they need a break from beer, it’s also perfect for keeping their water bottles cool.

The Nocturnal Journal

A creative journal that will help them sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to our well-being, but getting those eight hours every night can be easier said than done. If you know night owls who need to catch up on their sleep, this journal will be an ideal gift. It’s filled with messages, pictures and questions to reassure them when they get up in the wee hours of the night.

Sticky Notes

For the friend who likes to keep it all organized, help keep him or her on track with this thoughtful set of sticky notes. With categories like “Think,” “Remember,” and “Buy,” they can keep track of everything they need to accomplish in the near future.

Ceramic Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mugs

The cutest hot chocolate mugs

A packet of sticky notes to keep them on track

Imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when sipping a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. These cups embody that feeling and all the other sensations of comfort.

Nostalgia Breakfast Station

A breakfast station with everything they need to prepare the most important meal of the day

If a classic American breakfast seems like their perfect morning, give them this smart kitchen gadget that can do it all – crunchy toast, crispy fried eggs and a hot cup of coffee.

Dream Big Printables Botanical Prints

Simple illustrated prints to hang in the house

Finding a unique and affordable decoration can be difficult, but these artistic prints tick all the boxes. Plant illustrations make a great addition to their kitchen, or even their bedroom if they want to show off their green thumb.

Diweiya Reusable Snack Bags

Reusable lunch bags they’ll really want to use

Plastic bags are an unnecessary expense when you could simply have reusable ones. Their ecological and economical side will thank you for these sandwich and snack bags, which are dishwasher-safe and contain no BPA. They will save you a ton of money and plastic waste. Plus, the colorful designs are much more fun than clear plastic.

Travel Pillow

A travel pillow that really works

We have already sung the praises of the Trtl pillow – it is an essential element for any traveller. The neck pillow is comfortable and provides good support for the neck and is an ideal gift for any frequent traveler or for anyone about to take a trip.

Coal Creek Leather Field Notes Cover

A leather wallet and laptop combined

This leather field note cover is made entirely by hand in the United States. With its card slots and included notebook, it is an ideal gift for someone about to embark on a new adventure, or for anyone who loves to travel.

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