What are Boy Toys?

The biggest question is what are boy toys? Have you ever noticed how your male child would instinctively run toward a football, or a toy truck, rather than towards a doll dressed up for a tea party? Well, this impulse in children to prefer some particular toys to others has resulted in some research being made.

Boy toys are a set of toys that appeal to the male child specifically. Research shows that this allure may be motivated by parental choices, biological factors, marketing, tradition, or peer pressures.

Characteristics Of Boy Toys:

For the typical boy child, toys are mostly about technology and machinery. Over 30 years ago, Rheingold and Cook (1975) detected the types of toys present in the rooms of children of ages one to six.

It was shown that boys had mostly toys that had to do with clocks, shapeshifters, outer space, magnets, skates, balls, and kites. On the other hand, girls have been observed to play with toys such as; dolls, domestic items, and dollhouses.

In our modern times, as a parent or guardian, some toys you may notice that your boy child plays with likely include; laser race cars, robotic animal toys, and video game characters. Now, you may be wondering if dolls are appropriate toys for your baby boys to play with.

There have been, over time, instances where boys have been seen to prefer playing with dolls to other action-themed toys. Strange right? But there really shouldn’t be a rule of thumb that propels parents to buy a specific toy for their kids.

Getting the Right Toys for the Right Age:

Boy Toys

Generally, you’ve got yourself a happy child when you present him with shiny new toys. Young children would play with almost any toy they are presented with as long as it meets their speck.

However, as fun as toys could be for boys, they should also be age-appropriate and safe. According to a child psychologist and founder of Better parenting Institute, Vicki Panaccione, play is vital in a child’s social, physical, mental, and emotional development.

Toys are beyond playthings. They should be seen as tools of developmental learning as well. When going all out for the age-appropriate toy to give your boys, you should bear these points in mind.

  • Keep their Toys Simple. Keeping your kid’s toys simple could be a good way to place your child in charge of the play scenario. Toys that allow children to be spontaneous and creative should be encouraged.
  • Set Limits on Video Games and Toys. The American Academy of Pediatrics opines that children under two years shouldn’t play computer games or watch TV at all, and children over two years should have a limited “screen time” of one to two hours daily.
  • Keep a few toys out at once. It is advisable that as a parent, you should rotate your kids’ toys and reintroduce some after some weeks when they feel new and fresh.  Kids should be allowed to fully explore a toy before bombarded with another one.


Getting your boy kids certain toys they enjoy playing with help to boost their creative abilities. From machine-themed toys to cowboy figures, the choices of toys for boys have, over time, varied from that of girl children.

These choices have been shown to be influenced by external factors, such as parental choices and peer pressures. The biological factors of facing challenges typically exhibited by the male gender could also be a major determinant of toy preferences. Whether your baby boys love to race all day or build lego skyscrapers, play should be encouraged in them to boost their mental health.

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