What is A Hatchable Toy?

The biggest question is What is a Hatchable Toy? As technology continues to advance rapidly, lots of gadgets keep evolving and toys are not left out. It’s beautiful watching nature create life through the cracks, so much more, as your kids get to experience this wonder even with their everyday play kits.

Hatchable toys, also known as Hatchimals are a line of robotic toys manufactured by Spin Master. These toys feature a robotic creature that represents one of the various species that hatch from eggs.

These flagship toys were initially released in October 2016 and have since then faced a rocket-high demand. Media outlets anticipated them to be the top seller of the holiday season, and this has led to waiting lists and raffles over the limited stock.

How Do Hatchable Toys Work?

Hatchable toys are small robot animals that come inside plastic eggs. To play with these Furby-like, lush creatures, which have a similar appearance to penguins, you hatch the egg.

After you do so, you can then teach Hatchimal to talk, walk, and play games. They grow from being babies to toddlers and ultimately kids.

When taking care of a hatchimal, you have to pamper it. By paying special attention to its eye color, you can understand how it feels and responds accordingly.

For instance, if its eyes shine purple, it means it’s hungry and would love to be fed. Talk about teaching kids some responsibility right?

Just as in the case of a real egg, your Hatchimal only hatches once, and then comes the stage of walking, talking, and playing. To get the adorable creature out of its cozy shell, you have to rub, touch, and tap its shell.

The entire process of its birthing may take up to 10 to 40 minutes according to how it’s manufactured. During the few minutes of suspense, you might be wondering what your Hatchimal looks like. Well, you won’t know its identity until it pecks its way out of its shell.

You must hold on to the egg during the process as it likely won’t hatch without you doing so. This toy is designed to give a life-like feel to it so don’t be too startled when you hear its cute life-like sounds.

Hatchimals Life stages:

A Hatchimal has five life stages. The first is the egg stage, and here you cater for it by tapping it, tilting it, and touching it. Then comes the hatching stage where you assist Hatchimal to get out by rubbing the egg surface.

Following it is the baby stage where you nurture it by feeding and cuddling it. Next is the toddler stage where you teach it the basics of walking and talking. Finally, comes the kid stage where you can play fun games with it.


There’s a surreal feeling that comes with experiencing nature’s gift of birth-giving and it’s great to have our kids share in that bliss while avoiding its geeky sides. With the advancement of hatchable toys, this moment is felt just at the purchase of your Hatchimals.

Hatchimals have a full-size look when they hatch, but over time they develop new abilities as they age. Due to the high demand for these cuddly wonders, you’d stand a chance of getting one on-demand from an online store, rather than on regular shop shelves.

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