Why are Toys Made Up of Plastic?

Do you want to know Why are toys made up of plastic? Are your children love to play with toys? What kind of material do you prefer for kids’ toys? Soft squishy stuff toys or brightly colorful plastic made toys? Have you ever wondered what properties or characteristics make the plastic material ideal for manufacturing different toys if they love plastic dolls and cars?

Playing with toys is the most favorite pastime of children; they even love receiving them as presents and sharing them with their friends. There is various type of materials available for constructing toys, including wood, fabric, plastic. Some children like wooden toys, some like plastic toys, and some prefer to play with fabric toys, and some even like metallic toys.

Despite all these choices, the most preferred material used for toys is “plastic,” the toy shops are full of plastic toys; they are even available at vendors. You must have seen plastic toys for both boys and girls, including balls, bat, cars, dolls, Lego, puzzles, and many more. They can be found in different forms, shapes, and colors. Hundreds and thousands of other companies worldwide are involved in manufacturing toys for children, including the most famous Barbie, Lego, Hot Wheels, fisher price, and Mattel.

How plastic toys are made:

The plastic polymer is first melted with the help of machines. The plastic toys are then made by injecting molten plastic materials in molds of different shapes and sizes. They are later cooled down with and complete processing in machines used to manufacture other toys.

Detailing over these plastic toys can be done later with different dye colors to make them more attractive for children.

Reasons for using plastic in toys:

Toy-making factories’ preference over plastic is due to several valid reasons that make toys both safe and joyful for children. Here we have listed a few reasons because toys are made of plastic material and are more preferred over wooden, fabric, and metallic toys.

They are easy to clean:

Toys that are made of plastic are comparatively easy to clean. They can be washed before giving it to infants as they love to nibble the toys. It is also easy to remove dust particles from the plastic toys either we can either clean these toys with a damp piece of cloth or wash them with cleaning detergent and water.

Toys made up of plastic can be taken on the beach as well, they make picnics more entertaining, and children can play in the mud with them to build houses and forts; these toys can be reused after proper cleaning and washing.

They are safer to play with:

Plastic toys are much safer to play with; they have well-defined edges that cannot hurt children, they can be cleaned, and thus do not transfer germs among children. In contrast to plastic, the fibers of fabric toys can be inhaled by children while playing and aggravate problems like allergy and asthma, and wooden toys can cause scratches and wounds due to splinting.

This makes plastic toys safer to play with, and they can withstand rough play. Additionally, they are not prone to breakage and thus do not cause injury to children.

Variety of toys:

Plastic material gives the toy manufacturing companies the liberty to produce a wide variety. It can be used to make different shapes and sizes and is loved by all kids.

They can also be constructed in different colors, giving children options to choose the one they like.


The use of plastic in toys makes them lightweight and makes them easier to play for children; they can easily carry them from one place to another while playing and are used in indoor and outdoor games. Lightweights prevent the chance of injury, too; children can even play with them in bulk also without the fear of getting injured because of toys.

In contrast to plastic toys, wooden toys and metallic toys are heavy and are more prone to breakage, making them harmful and less safe to play with.

Easily moldable into different forms:

The wooden and metallic material does not produce the various forms of toys as they are hard to mold; however, the plastic material can be bent and molded easily, making different toys including puzzles, cars, dolls house, dolls etc.

The easily molding property of plastic makes it easier to play with and make them more favorable for children.


Plastic toys are a well replaceable source of metallic and wooden toys, which are expensive.

They are cheap and are comparatively of low price, and this makes them available for all children.

There isn’t any harm in breaking these toys while playing because of their low cost and wide availability, so children and parents are happier to buy p]toys made up of plastic.

Available in different colors:

Plastic toys are available in different colors; they can be constructed in various forms and colors. This makes children happier as they have options to choose their favorite toys in their most favorite color. The color on plastic materials does not leak. It is more resistant to scratching in contrast to that the wooden and metallic materials generally have different paints on them to make them look colorful that do not retain for a longer time.

More durable:

Plastic toys are more durable and long-lasting than wooden or metallic material toys; they can withstand the bending forces pretty well. Their shelf life is longer than any other type of materials and thus are used for a longer time.

Plastic toys can be twisted and even stamped in different forms without the chance of breakage.

Do not rust:

Plastic toys do not get corrode and rust. In contrast, the wooden and metallic materials tend to deteriorate with time; their rust is harmful to children. The eroded wood is more prone to breakage and even cause injury to children while playing. This makes plastic toys safer for children.


plastic toys are more eco-friendly than wooden or metallic toys. They do not cause a hazard to the environment if handled properly and do not cause forests and tree problems. However, the industries that make plastics need to follow proper protocols while producing them. The toy companies have to take all necessary precautions during their manufacturing process, making plastic more friendly and safe for the environment.


Plastic toys are usually made up of hard plastic, easily recycled, and used to make different objects.

Collector’s Pride:

Plastic made figurines are a source of pride for many people as they love to collect action figures or unique figurines released for seasonal greetings and promotional events. Enthusiastic collectors feel a surge of delight as others sharing the same enthusiasm for toys appreciate their marvelous purchases and variety of toys.


Why are Toys Made Up of Plastic?

Materials used in the manufacturing of plastic toys:

While choosing the material for plastic toys, the main concern is kids’ health and the safety of those who will play with these toys. Thus companies make sure to select the most appropriate material for toy manufacturing.

There are different types of plastic material available globally, but the essential materials used in constructing other toys for children include polypropylene, polyester, polyvinylchloride, polycarbonate, and polyester; these plastic materials are more durable, safer, and free of any toxic chemical. The safest one among them is polypropylene, which is widely used in manufacturing plastic toys for children.

Concern over the use of plastic:

Some parents are highly concerned over the use of plastic material in toy manufacturing as they believe that the chemicals which constitute the plastic can be hazardous for children. However, it is not the case nowadays because the European Union and the United States have banned chemicals and plasticizers like phthalates in children’s toys.

Moreover, the toys’ materials are not brittle and do not leach any chemical in their purest form, and proven safe for the children additionally, if parents show vigilance and responsibility and discard the old and degraded plastic toys preventing the children from any possible harm.


In conclusion, plastic toys are more pliable, secure, and entertaining for children. That toys can be used in indoor and outdoor games. They are more attractive and shaped into different forms by toy manufacturing companies. The hazard of chemical usage in plastic toys has also declined by the European Council’s timely prevention.

Parents can easily choose plastic material for their children without the fear of breakage and the presence of chemicals. They can select different toys from a widely available variety. However, they can take care to replace the old and degraded toys preventing their children from injury.

Plastic is a superbly moldable material, and the toys made from plastic range from low cast cars to expensive action figures and figurines. The more reliable and adorable thing for manufacturers is to recycle plastic toys to mold them into new or the same shapes with the right attractive combinations. Plastic toys grab the attention of every age children to make their gaming more pleasurable. All of the aspects support plastic made toys over other material.

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