Why Art is Important?

In order to understand why art is important, first, we must be aware of what is meant by art. Art is generally known as a way of expressing human feelings. It includes the creative work done by any human being in order to explain what he feels or what he experiences. Most commonly the way of expression is entertaining also.

If we see the word art in a broader way then it also includes, painting, films, dance, architecture, music literature, and other forms of media as well. In simple words, we can say that the art covers up and depicts the imagination, thinking ideas, and creative skills of the creator of it.

There are various reasons why is art important to society, here we will discuss some of these reasons in this article. The most basic reasons why art is important are given below.

Art is a source of creativity:

The first and foremost reason behind the importance of art is that it plays a vital role in enhancing the creative skills of mankind. It does so by augmenting the productivity of man.

When people and especially children are exposed to art, it urges their minds to focus on it and create or develop new ideas in them. For example, if the children are engaged in the activity of coloring, their minds become more productive and they are more likely to create new ideas. With the help of these new ideas, children are able to become more capable of tackling the challenges they have to face in their future life.

In this way, art plays a key role in the development of the human brain. So, we can say that the importance of art in this regard can’t be neglected.

Art is a natural thing:

It is natural for a human being to take interest in and react towards art. We can say that it is in the DNA of humans to create and develop art. Humans have shown an attraction to art since the beginning. The proof of this belief is that if a man develops or learns any skill, it is the art behind it that enables him to do so.

Just for the sake of example, we can say that people learn painting, wood carving, designing, and such other skills mostly because of art. Although art is a very essential part of the life of human beings, not everyone can adopt it as his career. Because not all careers require creativity. That’s why it will be better to say that the better option can be to adopt it as a hobby.

Art is a language that everyone can understand:

We can consider art as a language that everyone can understand irrespective of his social, cultural, or any other such kind of background.

The most important thing is that the art is not bound or restricted to the boundaries of nations, countries, areas and etc. it doesn’t matter which part of the whole world you belong to, if you have an interest in art, you can perceive it easily. You can easily understand the language of art and get yourself inspired by it.

Art makes life pleasant and colorful:

No doubt, art makes your life pleasant and colorful. Without art, life becomes and dull and colorless. If you engage yourself in any activity depicting art, you will see changes in your behavior, mental health, and mood.

Different activities like painting, coloring, and drawing can add happiness and color to your life.

Art as a stress alleviator:

If you have a hobby of depicting any kind of art like painting, singing, drawing, and dancing, it will be certainly helpful in overcoming stress and depression.

It is scientifically proved that when a person engages himself in any art-related activity, the level of cortisol hormone in his body lowers. This lowering of hormone relaxes and relieves the mind of that person against stress.

Similarly, scientific experiments were done on humans also revealed that the people suffering from memory loss and such other diseases experienced an improvement in their memory when they engaged themselves in art-related activities like coloring, music, dancing and etc.

So, we can say that art plays an important role in stress alleviation and improvement of your mental health.

Why Art is Important?

Art is helpful in better understanding of history:

Since the beginning, art has played a very important role in making the understanding process of history easier and simpler. In the past ages, when there was no concept of writing or other such modes of information, at that time the best mode of sharing information was through art.

Even today, when we study the old history, we also need to observe the pictures, sculptures, and such other artistic material. So, the role of art can not be denied in this regard also.

The best way to express your feelings:

Apart from all other benefits and importance, the most important thing is that art is the best way to express your feelings. Sometimes, the feelings and expressions, you are unable to express through words, can be easily expressed through your art.


If you have a question in your mind that why art is important, you can find the answer by reading the discussion given in this article. After reading this article, you will be able to understand the importance of art to humankind.

Finally, you will find that without art, creativity is not possible.

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